Your dreams are waiting for you…

Do you have a dream you have yet to bring to life? Why haven’t you done it yet? Out of fear? You don’t feel worthy of having it? Do you have a fear of failure? Let’s talk about it.

Did you know that fear is all in your mind? Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. What do you really have to be afraid of? So what if you fail? Wouldn’t you rather try and fail than to get to the end of your life, never to have even tried to live the life you truly wanted? I don’t.

Do you feel unworthy of having that dream come to life? Why? You have a birthright to live a life of happiness. I know there’s people who can come at you and tell your crazy, they don’t think your ideas will work, or you should just “play it safe”. The worlds biggest players didn’t “play it safe”. That’s how they rose to level of greatness they achieved. What if Oprah never got her own show? What if Kobe Bryant when to college instead of going pro right out of high school? We may have never known who they were. We wouldn’t have felt the impact they made in their professions and on the world. Not to mention, they would have never lived the life of their dreams had they not pushed themselves to be the best in their chosen industries. Don’t you want more for yourself? I do. 

I held back on my dreams because of a combination of things. The fear of failure was one of them. Feelings of unworthiness was another. Timing was a big issue because I was raising a family and didn’t feel like I could do both so I put my dream of having a music career on the back burner.

I want you to realize that these are very different times we live in now. What was difficult for people back then is very easy for them now with the help of the Internet and social media.You can get feedback on your ideas more efficiently. You can reach more people and get the word out. You can advertise better. Thus, you can realize those dreams you have faster than you would have if you were just making phone calls and mailing out flyers and reaching a smaller audience. 

What one dream do you have that you’d love to come to life before you leave this world? What barriers do you feel like are holding you back from making it come true? I truly believe that if everyone could find their passion and go after them, the world would be a happier, more peaceful, and safer place. ❤️

Remember, your dreams are waiting for you…

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