About Olivia Lynn

Olivia Lynn is an aspiring New Age/Electronica recording artist from Minnesota. 

Raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Olivia's love of music started early in life. She loved playing the piano at home. By the time she was eight years old, she was teaching herself how to play songs by ear like her favorite TV theme songs. Olivia also began composing music and writing song lyrics. She recorded some of her compositions on a cassette recorder she owned. She eventually asked her parents if she could take piano lessons. Olivia took piano lessons for a year before she grew bored of practicing out of lesson books. Olivia quit the lessons and backed off from playing from awhile.

When Olivia got into jr. high, she took up piano playing again. She wanted to learn how to play the songs she heard off of the radio, and started buying sheet music to teach herself. The first piece of sheet music she bought was Richard Marx's 'Right Here Waiting'. Olivia was drawn to songs that had beautiful piano parts in them. It was during this time that she got her first keyboard, a Casio, as a Christmas present. Olivia loved all the different sounds it could make, becoming fascinated them and started composing songs with them. She then wondered if there was any electronic music like hers on the market.

I've been wanted this for so long, and now I’m finally making it happen! I couldn't be more happy knowing that my music truly touches people's hearts and souls!! I look forward to professionally recording my music and make my own albums!” - Olivia Lynn

Olivia Lynn realized right then....

Olivia Lynn's question was answered shortly thereafter when she spent one afternoon at a friend's house. Her friend had played a CD by Yanni, someone she had never heard of before. As the music played, Olivia realized right then what she wanted to do with her life: compose and perform electronic music, which also came to be known as New Age music.

When Olivia was in high school, she gave her first public performance playing her keyboard at her school's art festival. During her Senior year, Olivia wanted to participate in the school's Jazz Band. Normally, the school didn't have a piano player in the band, so the music teacher had to get special permission allowing her to participate. The music teacher got approval, making Olivia the first piano player to participate in the school's Jazz Band. 

But then...

Shortly after Olivia graduated from high school, her dreams of having a music career was put on hold when she started a family. Meantime, she continued to play piano, write songs, and compose music. She knew that someday, she would make her dreams come true.

Olivia determined to get her music out into the world, took a leap of faith in 2008 and created a music profile on Myspace. She posted two songs there, 'Romantic Twilight' and 'Realize'. The response from listeners was amazing and encouraging! Some time later when Facebook became popular, she created a music profile there as well, though she deleted her profile years later. Since then, Olivia continued to educate herself on becoming an indie musician, building her online presence, and reaching out to fans around the world!

Olivia's next leap of faith happened in April of 2011, when she finally launched her own website!

Still, Olivia Lynn never gave up...

As time went on, Olivia was still not ready to move forward with a full music career due personal circumstances, but that didn't keep her from writing and composing music. She knew that someday she would make her dreams a reality!

Where to find Olivia Lynn’s Music

You can find Olivia Lynn's video 'Romantic Twilight' on the home page of this site or on YouTube. You can also hear Olivia's untitled GarageBand song on Soundcloud or N1M's website. Her GarageBand song hit #1 on N1M's Minnesota Electronica chart and made it #2 on their United States Electronica chart in May, 2021.