When Your Dreams Are Verified.... 

I have a question for you.

Have you been too scared to make your #1 dream come true because you thought you'd fail?

I was like that too for awhile, but my feelings of regret for not trying was far greater than my fear of failing, so on a whim, I posted a song on Soundcloud.

I composed it on my iPad using GarageBand.

The song has no name.

It's not professionally recorded.

I just posted it to see what would happen...

Well, last May, I got an email from a website I had never heard of before, N1M. My…

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Your dreams are waiting for you… 

Do you have a dream you have yet to bring to life? Why haven’t you done it yet? Out of fear? You don’t feel worthy of having it? Do you have a fear of failure? Let’s talk about it.

Did you know that fear is all in your mind? Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. What do you really have to be afraid of? So what if you fail? Wouldn’t you rather try and fail than to get to the end of your life, never to have even tried to live the life you truly wanted? I don’t.

Do you feel unworthy of having that dream…

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Finally Making Progress! 

So much has happened in my life, I don't know where to start...

I guess I'll just keep this short for now, and with good news...I'm making progress in my music career! 

So, it started with me creating an Instagram account for my music last year. I thought it would be best to have a regular place to post since I don't have a Facebook page anymore. I believe it was there that I came across a business coach named Antonia Moore. She posted that she had a free download for a 90 Day Launch Guide. I was like, "OK…

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I've Got Some Sad News...and I'm Sorry! 

Having my own music career is something I've wished for most of my life. Unfortunately, my life's circumstances have kept me from moving the needle forward.  In an attempt to simply my life, I deleted my music Facebook account and my Facebook music page in the beginning of this year. It just didn't make much sense to keep them going when I'm not doing much with them. When I feel more ready and prepared, I will start a new Facebook page but it will go through my personal Facebook account, currently under the…

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It's been awhile! I've missed you!! 

Hello, friends!
I know it's been awhile. I've missed you all. Time has a way of getting away from us. Then the days and months roll by as life keeps throwing things at us, taking unexpected turns for the better and the worst. I've been busy raising my family and working my day job as a school bus driver. Now that it's Summer, things have slowed down a bit, but life still goes on.
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Five years and running... 

It's been five years ago this month since I first started my music career online. Do you remember Myspace? That's where I got my start. If it wasn't for the internet bringing the world closer together, I'd still be sitting on the sidelines...I admit, the whole process of getting my career together has been slow, but when you think about all that an indie musician has to learn just to be sucessful, it does take some time. You have to be a "jack of all trades" because you're not only writing the music and…Read more

I'm now on Pinterest!! 

 I have decided to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon and have now set up my own profile! You can see pics of me, my favorite New Age artists, and anything else I liked on the site relating to music! To see my page you can click on the Pinterest  icon of my media links at the top of the page, or click here.
Come join me and let's pin together! 
Don't forget!
you can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Myspace.

My other small business 

 For some time I have wanted a way to make money on my own without punching a time clock or worrying about a schedule. I've wanted to start my own home business. After some thought I decided to go to a long time hobby of mine, making friendship bracelets! I learned how to make them when I was in middle school thanks to a friend of mine. I opened an Etsy store back in August called Liv4Friendship. If you would like to support a small business, remember your childhood days, or are looking for a gift for a…Read more

How New Age music changed my life 

New Age music has always been a major part of my life from the time I was 13. It's also been a big part of who I am. The interesting thing is the music found ME before I found IT. I had already spent my childhood playing songs by year and even composing on the piano at home. When I was 13 I asked for a keyboard for Christmas. I figured this way I could play the piano any time I wanted without the disturbing the rest of the family. To my surprise, I did get it for Christmas!  
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September, 2012: the trailblazing women I follow; new career changes  

Summer kept me busy working and taking care of the family, as usual. I feel like I'm always on the go!! Begin a wife, mom, and working outside of the home full time takes a lot my time and energy. For awhile I wasn't sure if I could pull off trying to start a music career on my own. This is a question that many moms face in their lifetime when they want to switch careers. Many moms question wether or not they can make a career and still take care of their family. I've read about many mothers who left…Read more