How Whitney Houston influenced me

 I was going to write my blog post this past weekend and as I heard the news about Whitney Houston passing away, I decided to change it up a bit.
Whitney Houston was one of my favorite singers. I own some of her sheet music such as the Greatest Love of All and one moment in time which I learned to play in my youth.  I had her first album on cassette and enjoyed singing along with it. 
Looking back on it now, I realize she was one of those artists that didn't try to sell sex appeal. Though she was a beautiful woman, she didn't wear revealing clothes or pose half naked in photos. Even her lyrics were clean, at least until she did Waiting To Exhale, but even then, it wasn't extreme. Growing up, I heard nothing about her battle with drug addiction so I always had a picture in my head of her as a perfect person. Had I have found out as a child, her image in my mind, would have been tainted. 
I was very saddened and in disbelief when I heard the news of Whitney passing. I had to google it to find out if it was true. I listened to radio stations and tv stations tribute to her all weekend, playing her music and videos. It's kinda like when Michael Jackson died; you just can't imagine the world without them. 

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