October, 2011

The months go by so quickly. It's already Fall! My favorite season, though it only means Winter is coming. Minnesota was so unkind last season with all the cold and snow. I hope for a more mild Winter. I've heard it's not going to be. Just my luck...
So, I'm back on my day job full time. Once I can get my bills chopped down I hope to get another digital camera and get some nice pics of myself and post them on my websites.

As I said before, I have decided to start my career off with a two song CD instead of eight. It's better on my bugdet, and I can get my music, and my name, out to the world sooner. Then the money from those could help fund my CD.

My motivation has been compromised over the years to this project. I have a family that drains most of my money and free time so I have little extra to play with. It's been getting my spirits down to ever get my dreams of a music career off the ground. Over time, I've been bouncing back. I want this so bad and to those that are reading this, and have checked in with me reguarly, I thank you so much for your continued interest and support in my slow days. For you, I promise to pick up the pace now that things in my life are getting back to normal.

Send me your thoughts and comments below. I would love to hear them. You can even email me at Olivia@olivialynn.com, and I will respond to you personally!! I just ask that you be nice in your choice of words.

Love, peace, and happiness to you all!! Til next time...

Olivia Lynn

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