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An aspiring recording musician, Olivia Lynn spent most of her life dreaming of having a successful music career. While raising a family young, she put her dreams on hold yet over time has found ways to share her music with the world by posting a few of her songs online.

One of the songs she posted was 'Romantic Twilight', a simple piano composition. She recorded a video of her playing it which is posted below for your viewing enjoyment. 'Romantic Twilight' was well received by adoring fans, describing the song as calming and relaxing. She has since posted 'Romantic Twilight' on YouTube.

She also recorded a more upbeat song on GarageBand which can be found on Soundcloud. In May 2021, her untitled GarageBand song hit #1 on N1M's Minnesota Electronica chart and hit #2 on their United States Electronica chart. 

Olivia Lynn has plans to professionally record her songs in the future and make them available to the public. 


"There is so much to do and learn when you're just starting out in the music business! I've been wanted this for so long. I  started a family young which had me put my dreams on hold, but I never gave up on it. I continued to play the piano and compose music. I took a leap of faith when I started posting my music on Myspace and Facebook and then eventually started my own site! The responses have been awesome! I couldn't be more happy knowing that my music truly touches people's hearts and souls!! I look forward to professionally recording my music and make my own albums!"  ~ Olivia Lynn

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