Five years and running...

It's been five years ago this month since I first started my music career online. Do you remember Myspace? That's where I got my start. If it wasn't for the internet bringing the world closer together, I'd still be sitting on the sidelines...I admit, the whole process of getting my career together has been slow, but when you think about all that an indie musician has to learn just to be sucessful, it does take some time. You have to be a "jack of all trades" because you're not only writing the music and performing, you're also a promoter, a web designer, a merchandiser, a blogger, just to name a few. I certainly can't afford to hire people to do these jobs for me. I don't have the doe! So, if you think I'm procrastinating on my CD project, you're wrong. I just want to make sure I get this right! ;-)
So, it's 2013! My plans?
I want to professionally record my first song by Summer!!!
Wanna help? You can send me a donation to help cover the studio costs, mastering, etc. I plan to have my first download FOR SALE by then!! Just look at the bottom of my home webpage and you'll see the yellow donation button. Click on that, and you can donate via Paypal or (I think) by credit card.
Til next time...

Olivia Lynn

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