July, 2011:being an indie musician, accepting donations

Dear friends,
There seems to be a steady stream of fans and friends visiting this page. I'm so happy about that! I do wish the numbers were higher, but when I have more to offer, I'm sure they will!
In the meantime, I've been surfing the net looking for resources for indie musicians. You seem to be able to do so much on your own these days. You don't have to sign up with a major label. In fact, I hear big labels want you start out on your own and build a following so when they look to sign you, they'll know what they're working with! That's fine by me. I'm not looking to get signed to a big label though I wouldn't complain if one came my way. I'd be happy with being a local celebrity. I'd travel around Minnesota and maybe expand across the Midwest, if I had a big enough following. For those outside of Minnesota, it would take longer to set something up.
My regular job, as a school bus driver, gives me more free time in the summer but not much money to live with. If I had the means, I would travel in the summer and do shows, once I can build up to that point. For now, I'm taking care of my family the best I can in these financially lean months.
If you would like to help me keep building this dream of mine, you can send me a donation. Look on the front of the page where the social media buttons are (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and you'll see the yellow Make a Donation button. Click on it, and it'll show you how you can contribute! If you are already a friend of mine on Twitter or Facebook, I'll know it was you who sent it, and I'll give you recognition on my music pages!! These donations are currently helping keep my website running, which I have to pay a small fee per month.
Well, I gotta run. If you want to keep up with me, you can subscribe to my mailing list. You can sign up at the top of my home page. I'll write you to keep you up to date on my latest posts and news.
Take Care,

Olivia Lynn

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