A younger Olivia

Raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, my love of music started early in life. I was fortunate to have a piano at home. My mother once told me that when I was a toddler I would play the piano keys one by one and instead of banging on them like most kids might. By the time I was eight years old, I was teaching myself how to play songs by ear, compose music, and write song lyrics. I even recorded some compostions on a cassette recorder I owned. I took piano lessons for a year in elementary school before I grew bored of practicing out of lesson books. I quit the lessons and backed off from playing from awhile.
When I got into jr. high, I took up piano playing again. I wanted to learn how to play the songs I heard off of the radio, and I started buying sheet music to teach myself. The first song I bought was Richard Marx's 'Right Here Waiting'. I was drawn to songs that had beautiful piano parts in them. It was during this time that I got her first keyboard. I especially loved all the different sounds it could make and started composing with them. I then wondered if there was any electronic music like mine on the market.


My question was answered shortly thereafter when I spent one afternoon at a friend's house. My friend played a Yanni CD, someone I had never heard of before. As the music played, I realized right then what I wanted to do with my life: compose and perform electronic music, which also came to be known as New Age music.
I also spent most of my school years in the choirs. I sang soprano, though as my voice grew deeper with age, singing alto was an option as well.
In high school, I performed on the keyboard at a school art festival, and played in my high school's Jazz Band my Senior year. It was the first time a piano player was a part of the Jazz Band at my school. (I thank my music teacher for giving me the chance!)
My dreams of having a music career was placed on hold when I started a family, though I continued to play, write songs, and compose music. I knew that someday, I would make my dreams come true.
I finally took a leap of faith in 2008, and started a music profile on Myspace. I posted two songs there, Romantic Twilight and Realize. The response from listeners was amazing and encouraging! Once Facebook became the place to be, I created a music profile there as well. Since then, I've been educating myself on how to be an indie musician, building my online presense, and reaching out to fans around the world! With my own website launched in April of 2011, I took a step closer to making my dream as a recognized musician come true. I describe my music as a simplified version of my musical idols, Yanni and Jim Brickman. The relaxing and calming music of Romantic Twilight and the more upbeat song, Realize, is just a taste of the music that is to come. Meantime my day job is with my local school district and live in the suburbs of Minneapolis with my family.

Email contact: olivia@olivialynn.com

To listen to my song Realize, posted on my Facebook fan page, click here.