Since Olivia Lynn was young, it's been her dream to have a career in music. Her piano and keyboard compositions have been touching peoples hearts around the world since her online debut in 2008. 

The first song she posted online, Romantic Twilight, was written in Olivia's teenage years. This simple piano composition has been recorded on video, posted below for your viewing enjoyment. Romantic Twilight has been described by fans as calming and relaxing. Once the song goes into the recording stages, more instruments will be added.

 Her second song, Realize, is more upbeat with synthized tracks. "Realize is an inspiriational song to me, not in religion, but in spirit. It makes me think of the goals I want to achieve and gives me the determination to go after them."

To find these songs elsewhere online, you can go to YouTube or Facebook to listen to them. No album has been released yet.



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"There is so much to do and learn when you're just starting out in the music business! Being that I've been wanting this for so long, I've been so anxious to get started, so I'm taking my fans with me as I start on my journey. You can join them by signing up for my mailing list, liking me on Facebook, and following me on Twitter and Pinterest.  And that's just for starters!    Starting a family had me put my dreams on hold, but I never gave up on it. I continued to play and compose music. I took a leap of faith over a year ago when I started this website after already posting my first song, Romantic Twilight, on Myspace. The responses have been awesome! I couldn't be more happy to know that my music truly touches people's hearts and souls!! You can sign up for my mailing list at the top of this page right now so you can stay in touch with me and be in the know more than anyone else! I send out emails at least once a month letting you know about blog updates and to keep my fans informed on what I'm working on as I get things started. Eventually, I plan to professionally record my music and finally, make my own albums!!" 

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